Get indexed in Google lightning fast

Get new pages indexed quickly, track your indexing status, and get more traffic.

Track your URLs in Google, monitor potential issues and safely index new pages in bulk.

Daily URL monitoring
Syncs your sitemaps
Automatic indexing
Weekly email reports
Advanced filtering
Track progress
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A powerful index status dashboard

Quickly see which pages are indexed, and which aren't

We track the indexing status of your pages daily in a simple dashboard that gives you a complete overview of the status of your pages so you can find indexing problems or technical issues quickly.

Quick filters.
Filter by URL, indexing status, sitemaps, submitted or indexed dates and page health to find the pages you need to focus on.
Manually add pages.
Not using a sitemap? No problem! You can manually add pages to be indexed as well.
Bulk indexing.
Select and submit your pages in bulk to get them indexed in Google.
Simple to use dashboard

Automatic indexing

Everything you need to automate your page indexing

Focus on crafting your content and let us worry about getting your pages indexed in Google.

Sync your sitemaps.
We'll automatically sync your sitemaps to find new pages to index as you publish them.
Check index status.
We check the index status of your pages daily so you can see what's indexed and what's not.
Automatic indexing.
Enable auto indexing and we'll submit your pages to Google every day.
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Check out some of the URL Monitor success stories

Here are some of the success stories and testimonials from our 2,050+ happy customers!

Switched from a competitor to URL Monitor and couldn't be happier, it's just so simple and you can get started in as little as 5 minutes! No fluff + auto-pilot = the dream!

In one day not only did we index 25 pages, we also found nine older pages that were never indexed and we thought they were.

We have since used URL Monitor on five websites. It’s the easiest way to make sure everything is indexed and fast.

URL Monitor is by far the best Google indexing tool I’ve used. I have tried a lot of other tools but nothing comes close to the UI/UX that URL Monitor offers.

Easy on-boarding and setup, along with clear stats on what’s going with your links makes this a must have tool. ✨

Used URL Monitor for a client site & within two days indexed several hundred blogs we couldn't get GSC to move from 'Crawled - currently not indexed' in the prior 6 months.

It became a required cost once we saw that traffic come in.

URL Monitor changed the game for me. It helped me index thousands of pages very quickly. I will continue to use it for all my products. Can’t imagine launching a product without it.

We went from ranking for 300 keywords to 2.1k keywords after URL Monitor helped index our pages, automatically. Traffic up about 25%

I am loving URL Monitor so far!

We manage a huge website and were struggling to get pages indexed. Not anymore.

I've been sharing URL Monitor a lot recently because it's amazing!

I recently used it to auto index my 4-year-old programmatic site and discovered numerous unindexed pages.

It's been a game changer, saving me the worry of manually indexing 4000+ pages.

Plus, it's helpful for monitoring when search engines randomly deindex pages unnecessarily.

Amazing tool! Best $10 a month I spend on my website. Helps me automatically index thousands of pages a month. One less thing to worry about!

URL Monitor saved me a ton of money and time, it's now my primary indexing tool.

URL Monitor has made it easy to keep my programmatic SEO content indexed.

URL Monitor has been an absolute game changer for my websites. I have 30 running and indexing daily - and it made the high performing sites even better, and put the non-indexed sites on the map!

I've also recommended it to everyone who might get value out of it

Been using URL Monitor for multiple websites including my own blog, indexing thousands of pages for me in my sleep. Love the super easy no nonsense interface saving me time and growing traffic like crazy.

URL Monitor has helped me index thousands of pages quickly during a migration, helping minimise any declines during it.

The tool has also helped ensure efficient indexing of new blogs as they go live, automating and speeding up which was done manually. Glad I found it!

URL Monitor is the best! I can't tell you how much time and money was saved with URL Monitor. The setup only took minutes but the benefits were immediate.

Everyone I convinced to use URL Monitor is absolutely happy with their decision.

URL Monitor has significantly aided our operations at Housing Japan. Being a leading real estate firm in Tokyo, it’s crucial for us to get our new listings indexed quickly. URL Monitor efficiently accomplishes this for us.

I was struggling to get my programmatic pages indexed on Within a month of using URL Monitor, 90% of the site was indexed. Great product.

I’ve used URL Monitor across my portfolio of 35+ sites, and it has successfully indexed thousands of pages for me in just a few weeks. A must have tool when building sites at scale!

It’s incredible to see our sites and client sites indexing so quickly given we’ve been trying for months on one of those sites to get some posts indexed. Turned on URL Monitor and boom indexed within a week.

Got questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions you might have about URL Monitor.

URL Monitor is an index monitoring tool. We track your URLs in Google to help you find potential indexing issues and notify you if high-traffic pages drop out of the index.

We also allow you to submit your URLs to be indexed by Google, or to ask Google to re-crawl your pages if you've made changes.

Nope. We use the Web Search Indexing API from Google to notify them of your pages, but we can't guarantee that they will index them.

The goal is to submit quality pages that should be indexed, and using this API prompts Google to crawl them faster than any other method.

When you first connect and enable a site, we fetch all your URLs, check the index status for up to 2,000 of them, and pull your search analytics data for the last 30 days.

After that, we monitor your URLs daily for new pages, new index status, and new search analytics data.

Yes, we have read-only access to your Google Search Console data. We store this data securely and do not share it with anyone. Ever.

You can revoke our access at any time by going to your Google account settings and deleting the URL Monitor app.

Of course. Right now you need to contact support by replying to the payment receipt email from Stripe.

We will soon have a self-serve option to delete all of your sites and data.

Log in to your account, head to the Billing page, and cancel the subscription from there.

You'll keep access until the end of your current billing period.

Sorry, but we don't offer refunds. If you are unhappy with the product, please contact us and we will do our best help you figure it out.

Billing is always monthly so you are not locked in to a long-term subscription.

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